Utrecht Manifest - UItimate Meeting
In order to give context to this project I should state that I believe that organising food and food systems is an act of social design. Food, as I am dealing with it in my work is a social and cultural construct.

Ultimate Meetings / Unforseen Magic / Utrecht
Manifest initial context

Utilising Bas van Tol’s prescient Koers Locale installation at the CM studio as backdrop for 1-2 dinners/gatherings during the 2 week Utrecht Manifest Social Design Biënnial, the dinners are an opportunity to bring together people that represent vital (Utrecht) food-related voices/narratives but that by coincidence or social construct until NOW are not in communication with each other. Specifically I mean folks that don’t talk but who’s agenda’s would mutually benefit through discussion, by preparing a meal together, and by sitting down together to eat it.

Dinner discussion topic of conversation? Food production is a social issue.
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