Markt van de Toekomst / Market of the Future
The Market of the Future (June 6-7, 2009) at Rotterdam Zuid's Afrikaandermarkt is an urban regeneration project that sketches a vision for a more relevant open-air market for the Afrikaanderwijk. The project is founded by FREEHOUSE (Jeanne van Heeswijk & Dennis Kaspori) with numerous artists, designers, architects and most importantly, local entrepreneurs from the market and surrounding shops.

I've been collaborating my Lucky Mi Fortune Cooking Free Kitchen project with the FREEHOUSE Markt van Toekomst whose focus is to infuse the Afrikaandermarkt with better products and services, developed in the hood, and that actually benefit the hood. For this phase of the project, the Lucky Mi morphed from mobile snack wagon into a Free Kitchen collecting overripe produce from Afrikaandermarket sellers turning it into longer lasting food products. Berries from Argentina on the verge of moulding became jam and syrup, vegetables on the verge of collapse become pickles, pestos, soups and hummous. In this way, new food products were produced by local people, eaten or sold, and also given back in their new form to the market sellers to sell from their stalls. The idea was to experiment with recirculating the local food flow, keeping the associated economies of food in the neighbourhood.

One of the aims of the Lucky Mi Fortune Cooking Free Kitchen experiments was to find out what sort of food products budding local food entreprenerus would produce if given the means. Yvonne Groenhart and her husband Michael produced a line of fruit syrups and preserves, ginger beer, locally yeasted 'kinder champagne' (non-alcoholic kefir drink) and kombucha tonics. Other local producers made sambal, beautiful Turkish croquettes, pickles and kimchis.
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