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Day 173 Happy Halloween! | by debrae0322
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Day 173 Happy Halloween!

Our whirlwind Halloween started at Maggie's school for her class party. Maggie told Bryan that their "No Costumes" policy was "just not right!" Costumes or not, she had a good time making Witch's Brew with secret ingredients, and then Carter was tickled to sit and eat it with the rest of the class. I tried to rush us home to eat lunch and take naps so that we would have time to get ready to go to Gramma's house. However, both kids had other plans, so it took forever to get them down, and they woke up only an hour or so later.


That was okay because it gave us more time to fix Maggie's hair. I Googled "easy little girl's princess hairstyles" and came up with this blog. It's a mother and daughter team who come up with these really imaginative hairstyles and either film them or take how-to photos. Maggie and I browsed through the thumbnails and both got excited about the Belle one. It looked really complicated, but after watching the video, I thought I might actually be able to pull it off. Unfortunately, Maggie still has the toddler texture and thinness to her hair, but luckily it has a lot of body and the ends curled right into little ringlets by themselves.


So our plan was to go to my mom's house to work and trick-or-treat, then to Bryan's parents, then home to hit some house on our street. I realized however, that every time in or out of the car meant taking off the costumes each time. It took us forever to get dressed at my folks' house, and Carter screamed when we put on his Simba costume. He seemed okay with it then, until we walked across the street to the neighbor's house. He freaked out again when the man tried to put candy into his pumpkin.


It was pretty funny that once we got over to Rudy and Evelyn's house, he was fine with the costume and even seemed excited to put it on. They got together with the neighbors in their cul-de-sac for a community trick-or-treat in the street. Maggie was excited to start knocking on doors, but Carter was still a little leery, so he stayed back with Daddy. I guess they did hit a few houses, but nowhere near the number that Maggie, through uncomfortable shoes and having to go potty, trouped to with Oleta and me in tow. She got so excited whenever we met up with another group, but the big kids were always able to move much faster and would soon outpace us.


We were finally able to convince her to head back, and I was afraid that Carter would be fussy and ready for bed. They arrived at the house just as we did, and I guess Carter was having a great time. We went in and took off the costumes for the night. After Maggie and Grandma shared some Halloween books, and I nursed Carter, we headed home. I was looking forward to going down our own street, which was hopping with activity earlier in the evening, but realized that it would be too much to try to put the costumes on a third time. Carter was tired and both kids were excited to sample some of their booty. We let them each have a piece, but Carter got really upset when we put it away. Uh-oh!

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Taken on October 31, 2011