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YIP 02.05.08: 112 Votes

I'd love to know how many homes there are in my precinct...I can't imagine there are very many. But we had 150 people stuffed into a grade school classroom tonight. This photo shows 112 people voting for Barack Obama. Hillary got 37 votes (and one person was undecided). Our precinct was responsible for 11 delegates. Of those, Obama will get 8 and Hillary will get 3. We did our part!


It was pretty cool to see so many people there. There were quite a few other precincts voting in the same school and it seemed like turnout was great.


It's going to be a long night...if I didn't have a cold, I'd probably stay up and watch CNN online all night. But I think I'll just wait and see how things look in the morning.


Update: Denver county (where I live) voted 70%-30% for Obama and the state is currently at 66%-33% in Obama's favor. If only the rest of the country were as cool as us... :-)

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Taken on February 5, 2008