BASP #2 - Candlestick CX - 11/2/08
Following a couple days of rain, the weather was pretty danged nice down at Candlestick Point Park on Sunday.

Mostly photos of the Men's Masters A 35+ and 45+ race, then some from the Men's A and Singlespeed race.

My wife shot video during my race and some of the others as well. I'll probably stick a teaser trailer here by midweek, but longer footage will end up at vimeo.

Update -
Video of Men's B 35+/45+
Video of Men's Masters, A's and Singlespeed

Results are in.

Other Photos -
Bici Girl is right on it, as usual. with a great view of what the muddy bits looked like earlier in the day.
lauren has some pix, plus a snail farm.
Casey Kerrigan
SWoo, with lotsa shots
Project Cambio
rakers, who got one of me, big ringing it home
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