Jimmie's ugly camera
The other night I saw Jimmie's beautifully ugly camera. I took a few photos and then we talked briefly about it. The next day I did a quick writeup on MAKE: Online about the camera.

See the links below for more info.

Jimmie writes:
Back in 2005 I went to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, to do some volunteer work. Within the first week my camera was stolen. Being that I was volunteering in some of the communities there, I spoke with some people about it. They said that all digital cameras are worth money, but none of the film cameras are unless it's an SLR.

One of the other volunteers has this model of camera, and I thought that with the LCD closed, it almost looked like a film camera. So I bought one in the US, had it shipped over, and then I covered it in tape and sharpie marker. I also took off anything shiny.



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