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Pitbull or Victim? | by cobalt123
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Pitbull or Victim?

Pitbull or Victim?


Sarah Palin cannot have it both ways. The media is not calling her on these dirty tricks of the campaign trail. Senator Obama, Hilary Clinton, and other Democrats are bending over backwards to be polite and yes, even kind to Sarah Palin in the last several weeks. Why does she get a "pass" from the media? Why a "pass" from the public? If she wants to "hit and run", then treat her as any hard-nosed and political fighter would be treated. It's not a gender issue. She is "hockey mom" by her own self-identification. She described herself as a pitbull with lipstick. This woman needs to be able to "take it like a man" if she wants to play with the big dogs. She says she is a Feminist, so this is verrry interesting. A true Feminist will not start a brawl without being able to stand up for themselves. "Poor Sarah"? I think not! Every time she hits the campaign trail and performs as the "attack dog" she was intended to be, any statements she makes go into the public mind and follows Conservative strategy of a tried and true Republican politics blueprint:


1. Say something SIMPLE. (Worked for Reagan.)


2. Say it often and get favorable media to broadcast the same SIMPLE message over and over.


3. Go for a popular, SIMPLE answer to complex issues and ignore in-depth dialogue. ("Drill, Baby, Drill!") After all, the public has no need for details, just get the slogan right.


4. Ignore any attempts by those who seek to clarify and "truth-check": even more, to answer critics by screaming "discrimination" due to her gender. Deflect attention to in-depth policy issues by baiting opponents. If an opponent replies, scream that you are victimized and insulted. This works, by the way.


5. And last but not least, get the Conservative Right media to broadcast with derision all statements made by McCain and Palin as complete and utter truth. After all, the public is so gullible and so in need of SIMPLE answers that this repetition will WORK!

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Taken on September 10, 2008