Artists Leading Artists
Recognizing that faculty and staff are productive artists in their own right, the show intends to celebrate the academic tradition in which established artists lead new generations of artists, while the students inspire them in return. Frida Cano - Fundación/Colección Jumex scholar and Claudia Schidlow, current EMS students at SFAI, develop this project which draws on the idea of fortifying the community built by the faculty and staff, through honoring them and thus fostering renewed relationships with the student body.

New students may find welcoming this exhibition where they get to meet the seasoned artists who work at SFAI, returning students are exposed to the work of the faculty and staff they’ve gotten to know, and alumni are present by the mark they’ve left behind in the community that in turn is reflected in the artwork shown here. The exhibition materializes as a place where dialogue among artists hatches from the encounter, intersection, and production of their work.
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