Save San Onofre and Panhe!
Help save Panhe and San Onofre!

The United Coalition to Protect Panhe – a grass roots coalition of Native Americans – The City Project, and a diverse and growing national civil rights and environmental justice alliance helped to Save Panhe and San Onofre State Beach and stopped a proposed toll road through the park at a historic hearing before the California Coastal Commission on February 6, 2008.

“At the commission hearing, Los Angeles civil rights and environmental attorney Robert Garcia and Acjachemen activist Rebecca Robles and other Native American leaders provided a moving and passionate defense of San Onofre as a critical site for providing access to open space and recreational resources for underserved communities. The San Mateo Creek watershed is actually Panhe, a key Acjachemen religious, historical and ceremonial site.” Surfshot Magazine.

Los Angeles Times: “Rebecca Robles, a Juaneño Indian from San Clemente, and half a dozen other Native Americans sang a ceremonial song to commissioners. Afterward, Robles gave an emotional speech about Panhe, an old Indian site at San Onofre that is the Juaneño band’s ancestral home. ‘I encourage you, I implore you to uphold the California Coastal Act,’ Robles said. ‘Panhe is one of the remaining sites where we can enjoy our spiritual individuality. I ask you to protect this sacred site.’”

New York Times/AP: “The California Coastal Commission voted 8-2 late Wednesday against the project, which critics said would wipe out about a dozen endangered or threatened coastal species, decimate an ancient Indian burial ground and block sediment that creates world-class waves at San Onofre State Beach.”
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