Kiowa Kids Celebration Cookout
April 2, 2012
The Jacobson House

Kiowa Kids celebrated their success at the 2012 OU Language Fair with a cookout at The Jacobson House.
The KIOWA KIDS Language Program participated in the 10th Annual Native American Language Fair at the Sam Noble Museum (University of Oklahoma) April 2-3, 2012. There were over 600 students and 39 different languages represented. KIOWA KIDS had ten presentations over the two days. The results and those who participated are listed below:

Pre K-2nd Individual Spoken:
1st Place: Tdohasan Sunray
2nd Place: Kowi Sunray

Pre K-2nd Small Group Song:
1st Place : KIOWA KIDS

3rd-5th Individual Song:
1st Place: Niigan Sunray
2nd Place: Andi Parnacher

3rd-5th Large Group Spoke
1st Place: KIOWA KIDS

3rd-5th Small Group Song
1st Place: KIOWA KIDS

Pre K-2nd Small Group Spoken
1st Place: KIOWA KIDS

6th-8th Small Group Song
2nd Place: KIOWA KIDS

6th-8th Individual Song
2nd Place: Miura Quetone

Norman & Moore

Charli Ahhaitty
Angelyn Connywerdy
Thaumaroi Connywerdy
Sokobi Connywerdy
Avery Hamilton
Andi Parnacher
WinterHawk Pedro
Oh hah moe Pedro
Isaac Perez
Shon Perez
Adam Quetone
Miura Quetone
Niigan Sunray
Kowi Sunray
Tdohasan Sunray
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