Tokaj, Mr. Szepsy Istvan & The Birdman
To be honest it's one of my proudest photosets here in Flickr.

It just shows how nature works wonder to create such a beautiful wine from Tokaj; how mankind tries to fight off the birds that eats up their grapes with other birds; and how the grapes ends to be the Tokaji that we know as the King of Wine by a truly great wine maker!

Look at the eyes of the birdman you can see his trust and love to his falcon. What a proud man the guy is with his bird resting on his arm?! In return the loyalty of the bird's to the master couldn't be more apparent. Man and bird, 2 hearts that beat as one.

I hope you can also sense the love and passion of Mr. Szepsy to his grapes. The man himself is very soft spoken but you can totally feel the glow of one of the most respectable wine makers of our time. Warmly, he was telling me the ups and downs of his vineyards and his career, the bad and the good years of the wines in his cellar like we've been knowing each other for many years.

The journey from Budapest to Tokaj takes about 3 hours but I must say every second of it is well worth spending now looking back. It shows me once again the magic of food and wine can bring to me. The wine inside the bottle is so so simple -- yet, there's no end of the knowledge and wisdom in it. The interwoven of the people, culture, history and memory at the back will never fail to fascinate me.

Indeed, nature is imparting wisdom on me for the visit and I'm grateful to every second of it.

Thank you, Mr. Szepsy, thank you for all this!
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