TPA Park Centennial - July 4th 1911 - July 4th, 2011
July 4, 1911. A parade was held for the opening of the first and only TPA, (Traveler’s Protective Association) Park in Frankfort, Indiana. Members of the TPA intended to walk from the square to the site of the new park, however, due to the heat, they were transported part of the way by cars. Much went into making this day possible.
Beginning in 1910, John Kraft, a traveling shoe salesman, presented the idea that the local group, Post D, should sponsor a city park. There was some opposition to the project, however, this, in time, was overcome. A committee of five men was appointed and after looking into various sites, they decided on the present location, which was owned by Mr. Pressly Given. The committee explained their plans and Mr. Given gave a price of $15,000 for 85 acres. This was agreed upon and several people and churches helped raise money for the new park. Thus began the creation of the TPA Park.
Opening day was on July 4th, 1911, a very hot day. Large crowds, exceeding all expectations, from both Frankfort and the county came to enjoy the dedication and carnival.
One hundred years later, people from all over have enjoyed the park and all of its attractions throughout the many years, all from an idea from a traveling shoe salesman, John Kraft. We all owe him and all who were involved in the founding and creation of this park many thanks.
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