The "History of Frankfort" Mural
"It's art." proclaimed Dave Blodgett, after his and his wife Linda Crimson's final inspection on October 29, 2010.
After three months, from August 1 to October 29, and some spilled paint along the way, the restoration of the mural they had painted thirteen years ago was finished.
This time, the paint they used is UV protected, so the mural should resist fading for about fifteen years.
Linda & Dave began painting murals in 1979 while they were in Smithfield, N. C., as visiting artist there. In 2005, they painted a mural of the "History In Medicine in the Lompoc Valley" for the Lompoc, California.
Both Dave and Linda received their B.A. degrees in art at IU. His was in portraiture and hers in sculpture. They also have their M.F.A. from Oregon State.
The first time they painted the Frankfort mural in 1997, they were given several old photos of people & places and arranged a "time-line" and added various parts to "fill in" the spaces.
In this restoration, a few additions and changes were made. Arian Marks, World War II aviator and hero, was added and Coach Everett Case's picture in his younger years was replaced with an older version. The sky above the Frazier's Dairy horse was painted different. And in the lower right hand corner of the Northwest wall, a Collie replaced a pig on a basket on the ground.
After finishing the mural, the artists gathered their paints & tools and returned to their home in South Bend, Indiana where they have a couple more projects waiting for them. Both said this will be the last time they work on this mural because, as Dave put it, "We're getting a bit long in the tooth for this!". Dave did express interest in restoring the Coke sign on North Columbia & West Washington Streets. Thank you Linda & Dave for such a remarkable pictorial of the History of Frankfort.
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