Strobist Meetup II
On Saturday, September 26th I hosted another Southern NH strobist Meetup. There were about eight photographers that attended, and I had two of my friends model; Vanessa, who is always perfect to to photograph, and Jenn, who is a photographer who volunteered to rent a wedding dress so we could get some gown shots.

We met at my studio at 1pm, and made our way outside around 2pm to start shooting. Around 5pm we moved to a second location with Vanessa, and then around 6:30 we went to our third location with Jenn on top of a parking garage.

Everyone had a blast, and I think everyone came away with some good images and learned a thing or two.

To be included in the next meetup, please send me an email so I can add you to the contact list.

I've put up a Youtube video of the event here:
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