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Horrified by the bailout. | by cdresz
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Horrified by the bailout.

Just saw my 401K statement. Where's my bailout; and why am I bailing out the banks? We the American people should have been given a chance to vote on the bailout! And now that the bankers have my money, they're at the spa for relaxation! Honest, no kidding! I think there ought to be a way of taking all the filthy stinking money out of their personal wealth and applying it to the $700 Billion first. Money doesn't just disappear, it goes somewhere. It could be found if we were allowed to see behind the curtain. Hey Congress, go find it because I want my money back. I'd like to see some bums sent to Leavenworth while you're at it. Nationalizing our financial markets isn't Capitalism. What did that fix? You'r fix will enable the big banks to keep on doing what they've been doing and our hole is going to keep getting deeper. We're not a Socialist nation yet, last time I checked we're still a Republic. You're not an Elite group, you're Elected! You're supposed to be representatives of my interest, not special interests. I'm paying attention, and absolutely this will affect the way I vote. If you won't represent me, I'll vote for someone who will.

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Taken on October 19, 2008