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Negative film from my childhood Kodak Disk Camera | by Chris Devers
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Negative film from my childhood Kodak Disk Camera

When I was in junior high school in the late 80s, I had a Kodak Disk camera.


If it wasn't this model, it was very similar to it -- I remember the flip-down cover plate, the flash that would pop out to the side, and the bevelled shutter button. A cousin had the chrome version, but mine was black plastic like this.


At the time, it seemed very svelte and handy. In hindsight, it must have been both larger and heavier than, say, the original Firewire iPod models, the picture quality was never very good (but what the heck, I was 12 years old), and it was no fun being limited to 15 frames when other cameras then could do double that (nevermind how many images will fit today on a 2gb SD memory card, plus video too, and at much higher quality, and oh yeah no developing fees either).


I recently came across a pack of photos I took in the late 80s, and now that I have a scanner, I'll try to put some of the pictures up.


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This photo ran with's GeekDad blog, July 22, 2009: 100 Things Your Kids May Never Know About.


I was cool with this at the time.


Then I realized that they're using the photo in house ads on all of Wired's articles.


The photo is clearly set with "some rights reserved", and if you click through to the Creative Commons license, it clearly says that I am not permitting commercial usage (like house ads) or derivative works (like slapping a Wired logo on it).


Surely Wired, of all people, should understand these things.


Apparently not though.




UPDATE: I promptly got an email & a call back from's Editor-in-chief, who was very reasonable about the whole thing. More to come, but it looks like this will have a fair resolution.

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