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Bloody Tax Dodgers | by carltonreid
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Bloody Tax Dodgers

Bloody tax-dodgers! (Millions of 'em)


Some motorists feel they own the road because "they pay for it". Some hate on cyclists for being 'tax-dodgers' even though roads are paid for by general taxation not road tax, which was abolished in 1936.


Those motorists who think ‘road tax’ still exists must be awfully confused by cars which pay £0 VED. Here’s a class of car which looks like any other class of car but which doesn’t ‘pay for the roads.’


In 2006, there were 350 of these tax-dodging cars on the roads of the UK. No doubt there are many thousands now. The Toyota Prius has sold 16,000 in the UK alone.


But wait, there are other tax-dodgers out there. Cars built before 1973 are classified as historic and are exempt from VED. In 2006, there were 307,407 such vehicles on the road. No doubt there are many more now.


Ex-soldiers in receipt of war pensioners mobility supplement are exempt from VED, and there are at least 18,340 who have a VED-waiving WPA442 form.


Disabled drivers are also exempt from VED. in 2007, 1.12 million vehicle excise duty exemptions were granted to disabled people.


And guess what, QEII pays zero VED. In fact, no Crown vehicles pay Vehicle Excise Duty.


Ministerial cars don't have to cough up, either. The entire fleet of vehicles operated by the Government Car and Despatch Agency is exempt from paying vehicle and excise duty.


So, there are millions of officially-sanctioned "road tax dodgers" out there, benefitting from Britain's road system.


Of course, the Queen, disabled people, ex-soldiers and Government ministers DO pay for roads. All UK tax-payers, not just motorists, pay for Britain's roads. Gulp, even cyclists.


Cartoon is from Punch, August 1920


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Taken on January 27, 2010