Project 365
i'm trying project 365 again. i did it a couple of years ago and gave up after only about a month. i'm really going to try to stick to it this time!

the cameras i will likely use for this will be my sd780, rebel xti, and the one on my cell phone. i'll probably do some "fancy schmancy" editin' on some and none on others. i might even send some of them through poladroid to keep things interesting. i think i gave up so quickly last time because i got bored with it.

feedback is always appreciated too! i'm not really looking to be validated as an artist because i don't think i am one but if you see something you like, don't be afraid to say so! a lot of these pictures are probably going to be random crap that no one (including myself) finds interesting. and get ready for lots of pictures of my nephew.
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