Project 365 (2010)
One photo per day during 365 days! A big challenge for someone as lazy as I am!

Let’s see what happens… Starting on 1st January 2010

January is over! I have to say that it has been a good beginning of the year... at least for me.

Well, in any case I think 365 project it’s a good excuse to make a little summary, even if I don’t take photos of myself the shots I make are of the things around me, that means in one or other sense my life...

I don’t think I’m going to do this every end of month, sorry but I know myself, let’s think only on today, next end of month seems to be very far and abstract to know what will happens...

Just one more thing... please do not think I’m just as “simple” as my words... it’s just that I’m Spanish, so English it’s also one more challenge on this project, please be kind with my vocabulary, grammar and expressions, perhaps with this project instead of improving my photography skills I’ll improve my English...

So look for January summary on photo 31/365

February done! Look for summary on photo 59/365

March on photo 90/365

April 120/365

May 151/365

June 181/365

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