Norwich: Old Courts
From the courts of Norwich came Elizabeth Fry and Harriet Martineau.

Historically much of the population of Norwich lived in yards and courts - often in cramped conditions and sharing a single pump. Many of these yards were lost during the slum clearances during the 20th century.

Many of the yards/courts are named after pubs which no longer exist (Winecooper's Arms Yard, Queen of Hungary Yard, Jolly Butcher's Yard) or after activities carried out in the yards (Pipe Burning, Foundry) or after the people who lived there (Zipfel, Hindes).

If you want to get a glimpse of how life was lived in the courts - then the best preserved examples are probably Wright's Court on Elm Hill and Swan Yard on King Street.

All of the yards and courts are located within the perimeter of the old City wall. Many have lost all trace of their former character e.g. Wade's Yard - although the old signage still remains.

I have not included the new courts and yards, many of which are modern flats beside the Wensum, but have concentrated on the historic ones. If you are looking for yards and courts that have totally vanished then the Norwich Yards website is your best bet:

Bagleys Court
Balderston Court
Barwells Court
Charles James Court
Clement Court
Crown Court
Damocles Court
Flowers Court
Freeman's Court
Gaffers Court
Gunns Court
Gurney Court
Hales Court
Hartley Court
Mandells Court
Mayes Court
Ninhams Court
Norris Court Gardens
Octagon Court
Old Post Office Court
Phillipa Court
Playfords Court
Rigbys Court
Roaches Court
Scotts Court
Stonemasons Court
Strangers Court
Three Tuns Court
Tucks Court
Watts Court
Websdales Court
Willets Court
Wrights Court
Zipfels Court

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