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Old-School Comics Spinner Rack Top | by CalamityJon
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Old-School Comics Spinner Rack Top

Doing some thrifting last weekend with my pal Justin, I came across an old school comics spinner rack. I say "old-school" because it had comic racks only, rather than comics and card box racks, and also because the top pieces had my much beloved "Hey !! Kids Comics" logo emblazoned across it (among others).


I had no use for the spinner rack itself (also, many of the wires were snapped off or in the process of falling off) so I only brought home the signs from the top. They're tin, five segments in two pieces (one with three sides and one with two). The question is now: What do I do with these?


Right now, leading the pack of possibilities is making a lamp out of the three-segment piece, like a wall sconce type which I can mount in the corner of my studio (ideally over the display case where my very pared-down collection of Superman goodies currently resides) .


Outside of that, I do not know; they could always be made into sketchbook covers, embedded in my drawing table, attached to the bookshelves, turned into hanging signs, or maybe affixed to the back of my car as permanent tin bumper stickers (I wonder how badly they'd fade? I'd probably make new ones if I were to expose them to the elements).


Anyway, there are many possibilities, but I haven't made my mind up yet (I've got a dozen craft and art projects ahead of these, anyway, so there's still time to consider my options. Got any suggestions?

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Taken on July 19, 2008