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190/365 - I miss you more than anyone | by
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190/365 - I miss you more than anyone

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Once upon a time Courtney and Ashlie randomly started talking on myspace. they were both sad because they just recently lost their bestfriends because people suck. They started talking and realized they had lots in common so Ashlie was all like "Hey let's be bestfriends!" and courtney was all like "ok!" and they were bestfriends. Then they talked on the phone and stuff every day. One day Ashlie called Courtney and told her to come over and watch Twilight and she did! They hung out and were the bestest friends ever! But one day, the evil ecomony made Ashlie move to Kansas! Courtney cried and cried and the last day they saw eachother was the day this picture was taken. Courtney and Ashlie still talk almost every day. They can't wait for Ashlie to move back to Ohio so they can get an apartment together and be bestfriends again.


I love you Ashlie!


Pink hair, that's meee (:

I gave her that necklace,

she gave me that headband, which I still have!

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Taken on June 9, 2010