Beacon Dance at Decatur Cemetery 3/3/2012
Beacon Dance performed at The Decatur Cemetery on March 2 and 3 of 2012, with another performance scheduled for the 4th. All of these photos are from the March 3rd performance.

This performance was part of a series that started in 2011, and is the first dance performance known to take place at Decatur Cemetery.

The title of this performance is:

The Elemental Project, 2011-12:
Section 16, Part-1 (Fire).

This section deals with the theme of death.

Choreographic Direction: D. Patton White
Original Sound Score: Jon Ciliberto
Costuming: D. Patton White

Performers: Eleanor Brownfield, T.J. Chernow, Juana Farfan, Jessica Gaines, Susan Keller, Priscilla Smith, Onur Topal Sumer and D. Patton White

All photos by: John E. Ramspott
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