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Showing off Milica's hat | by buhrayin
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Showing off Milica's hat

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[Guests mingling and trying on Milica’s hats]


>>Milica Schiavio: My hats are very nature inspired. I love being outdoors so I try to use a lot of organic elements. I definitely went through a fruit phase. I used plastic apples, plastic pears. This one right here for example, is mounted on a suede headband and it’s packing material, egg cartons and all sorts of green elements.


[Guests trying on hats]


>>CLOSEUP: And where would someone wear a hat like this?


>>Milica: They would wear them to the Radnor Hunt races, the Devon Horse show, different horse shows. I won first place at Radnor Hunt two years ago, second place last year. We’ll see what happens this year.


>>CLOSEUP: So the horses compete and the hats compete too?


>>Milica: Yeah, they do in the chapeau contest. It’s fun. I love to make people smile. I think women have a really good time when they wear my hats. People approach them, talk to them…. That’s a fascinator. So it’s Styrofoam in the middle with paper and just acorns and green moss.


[Trying on hats, posing for camera]


>>Milica: The name of my website is Milica in the Hat Millinery dot com and it’s You can also go to my Facebook page where there’s a lot more photos.


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Taken on May 6, 2012