My Father, The Aeronautical Engineer
My father, James Claude Patterson Jr., passed away on April 26, 2010. He spent 35 years of his life working as a NASA aeronautical engineer.

Shortly after his death, I found a great number of photos I had not seen on his digital camera. What you see here are some of those photos that pertain to his career, as well as some I have taken just after his passing, of the artifacts of his science in his home.

He contributed to the development of the Whitcomb Winglet, which is in popular use today, but his most recent work centered around his Wingtip Vortex Turbine research.

I seek to find a contact within NASA to whom I may convey the accumulated work that remains in his home.

This is a tribute.

My father's obituary can be seen online here. My tribute post on Byte Cellar can be read here.
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