Raintrees Native and Rainforest Gardens
Raintrees Native and Rainforest Gardens is located at Diamond Beach on the NSW Mid North Coast Australia, about 3 hours north of Sydney.
Planting trees and shrubs commenced in late 1993 and is ongoing. The 6.5 acre property contains areas of sclerophyll, wet sclerophyll and swamp forest vegetation, however Australian rainforest plantings are now replacing some of those areas as well as covering previously cleared areas.
While a concentration on planting Australian Rainforest species has occurred many exotic species including palms and flowering trees have also been planted. Exotic species have only been planted outside the forest areas.

Surveys have recorded in excess of 1000 species (either native endemics, or introduced natives and exotics) now growing on the property.
See a list of plant species http://floragreatlakes.info/scripts/flora/database.php (Select Hallidays Point then Raintrees)
Raintrees is at approximately latitude 32 degrees South near the coast so the climate is mild with best rains received from January through till July although in some years this can be very variable, with severe drought conditions possible.
Driest time is from September till December, although an occasional wet spring is very welcome when it happens.
During this dry period many plants do it really tough and some plants do not survive in the driest years.
A creek or watercourse runs through the property which sometimes dries up in spring but in wet times the creek may break its banks and lowlying areas will often be subject to flooding.
The creek is now lined with many hundreds of planted Bangalow Palms and two low lying swampy areas are full of endemic Cabbage Palms, perhaps the largest aggregation in the area immediately north of Tuncurry.
In winter a carpet of green moss covers all the tracks and various fungi pop up all over the property.

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