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U n d e r t o w | by Λl℮Roda®
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U n d e r t o w

EXPLORED 19/02/08 #10


Nikon D200; 135mm; f/8; 1/1250s; ISO 320


A couple weeks back I was able to watch the most hugest waves of my life, in Estaleirinho/Santa Catarina/Brazil. The undertow turned the sea into a dangerous place for surfing or swimming. However, there's always a few dumbasses trying to confront the forces of nature. But they surely learned a precious lesson there:


If you look closely, you'll see a ruddy shadow right in the middle of the water curtain. The swimmer is right on that spot. And yes...he was nailed by the wave. Poor guy. The crowd on the beach went "Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" when the wave hit him in the face.

Endless seconds after that, he managed to get out of the water, straightening his shorts, trying to get rid of the huge amount of sand that certainly filled up his ass like a camel butt on the desert, attempting to catch his breath and pretending to all the people on the beach that nothing bad happened.


Well, by this point, you can all imagine why I didn't took another picture of the "Chuck Norris" swimmer (currently replaced by Rambo, but thats a different story) getting out of the water, right? I was unable to raise my camera simply because I was laughing so much that my belly hurt!

And just for you know, I'm a good person. But any fool knows that you dont get into the water after a freaking undertow!

The other guy with the surf board was able to get one wave, but he quit after that. Too rough for surfing.


P.S: Don't know why that scene reminded me of Bill Kilgore on Apocalypse Now, telling to those poor soldiers that it was safe to surf, during all that bombing in the middle of a beach surrounded by vietcongs! I guess that he was right...Charlies don`t surf indeed...


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Taken on February 9, 2008