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New Black and White Moderation Marker | by What Photos Look Like
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New Black and White Moderation Marker

Photos to the RIGHT -- that is, OLDER in the group pool than this marker -- have been moderated by the NBW Admin. Or at least 1000 or so to the immediate right have been at least mildly culled (that is to say, between 70% and 90% of submissions have been sent back).


Photos to the LEFT -- that is, NEWER than this marker -- have not yet been reviewed and are in "raw" unmoderated form.


As of mid-April 2008 there are approximately 43,000 unmoderated photos between the marker you are seeing and the old one from 2006.


Removing all the predictably cute cats, adorable soft-toned children, footprints in the sand at the beach, misty time exposures of water, streets and railroads stretching off into the distance, casual snapshots, rusting cars, ruined castles, silhouetted trees, tele shots of resting seabirds, trees and unidentifiable silhoutted figures in fog, photos of backs of heads, factories, tourist destinations, parked bicycles, wide-angle upshots of skyscrapers, cathedral ceilings and windows, photos of camera collections, geometric airport ceilings, exterior stairways, wistful old statues, people looking bored while drinking coffee, interesting architectural details in closeup, sunlit spiderwebs, and many other picturesque subjects may defy completion in this lifetime.


Caveat eyeball.

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Uploaded on April 13, 2008