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So here's the story. I went out for my daily photowalk and I head for Beestenmarkt where I heard a band playing. When I get there they're done and packing, so I plan to shoot that. Starting with the sign.


Lucky for me, these guys are in the back and think that I'm making pictures of them (uh, sort of) and come for me. I didn't notice, I had my iPod on, I was fidgeting with the camera to adjust the manual settings. I point the camera a second time in the same direction and I see this guy had come this far. I shoot anyways.


"What are you taking pictures of?" This sign over here. "No, you were taking pictures of us" No, I wasn't. "Show them to me" I won't "Show them to me and delete them". I will not.


Then the guy with the dog takes the lead. "If you don't delete those pictures I'll fuck your camera". Touch my camera and I'll fuck your face. "Motherfucker, what did you say?" I said 'touch the camera and I'll fuck your face'. "Are you gonna fuck me? Are you? Fuck you! Fuck you, I'll cut your dreads, you don't know who are you messing with" --- "Delete the photos!" I'm calling the police. "Go ahead and I'll break your camera and kill you, you stupid fat motherfucker". And he pushes me. I fight the urge to hit him back. Fucking camera is expensive and I'm alone, I don't want to fight. "Come on, hit me, come on big guy"


Then he spat on my face. I take out the mobile, and dial 112. He goes away, the other guy stays.


"What are you doing?" I'm calling the cops. "Then I'm afraid I'll have to take the camera with me" (Grabs the camera strap) The hell you are! (I grab his wrist) "Let go of me" I don't. My mobile dies on me, I put it back into my pocket and with both hands force open the guy's hand.


Then he punches me in the face. I can't take it anymore, so I punch him back. Two guys grab me from behind, taking me appart of the guy, who punches me again. I kick him. People from the nearby terras start shouting that they will call the police. These guys start to flee. I ask for a phone to call the cops, they offer to call from inside the café. I get in, the waitress calls, the police comes, I end up at the polce station, so do they (they tell me) after I show the pictures to them and they look for them in the streets around the square.


So. I'm pressing charges. I think. The police has a copy of the pictures, my description of the guys and a statement of the story.


Fucking drug dealeres, never *ever* mess with my camera, do you understand?

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Taken on April 16, 2008