Chinese Lion Dance
Built for the Pearlridge display - July, 2008.

I wanted to make a MOC that locals could easily identify with, and would also be impressed with (since it's all LEGO). The lion dance costume came to mind, and I thought this would be a cool idea. It turned out to be a bit frustrating as a build, and I kept modifying the design right up until 2 hours before the event. :)

A little explanation here:

Most lions have only 2 performers, but I have seen some here with up to 4 performers (maybe that's just a Hawaii thing). The larger number of performers is typically associated with a dragon dance. Anyway, I settled on 3 dancers for this MOC as a compromise, so if that bothers you, think of this as a threesome of kids playing around and/or learning how to do a Chinese lion dance. :)
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