Mousefest 12-10-08
This was the first day of my Mousefest 2008 trip and a really wonderful day all around for me.
After driving down overnight from NC we were the first "day guests" in the Disney's
Hollywood studios parking lot (first ones here...first ones here).

The wife dropped me off and I purchased my one park a day ticket for all my non park hopping
days of this trip, since I still had a leftover non-expiring ticket for use on the few days
I would be doing that on this trip (which would include THIS DAY).

Since the land portion of Mousefest was not to officially start until the next day I planned
to get in a good amount of attractions and live entertainment today. I got my first ride ever
on the new Toy Story Midway Mania attraction with Mike Demopolous of the Mouse Station Podcast
before he and the guy from ride Max went off to continue testing the ride max plan for the
Studios. I took a ride on the Twiglight Zone Tower of Terror, and then I caught the Beauty
and the Beast stage show for the first time in several years, in part I chose to view it this
trip because I knew one of the cast from another gig he had in the parks and it was neat to
see him in this new role (that was also the reason I chose to wear my Marshall University
T-shirt that day as he is an MU grad). A few Streetmosphere performances were wrapping up
as I left B&TB, and I snapped a few photos of the Citizens of Hollywood who were out.

I had been playing phone tag most of the morning with Angel from the Mouse Guest weekly boards,
and after B&TB I finally got together with him and his buddy Julio, Angel and Julio are from
Puerto Rico and it was Julios first trip to WDW, Julios English was quite limited, but he
seemed to be enjoying everything so far, they had already taken in Toy Story Mania and
before I caught up with them, together we enjoyed the Great Movie Ride, after which I split
off to catch a Streetmosphere performance before heading to Epcot, The Streetmosphere perfomance
was a casting call between where Director Vladimir Pooey was trying to cast his girlfriend in
a part then Rosie the cleaning lady took him to task as it was supposed to be an open audition,
and at that point Vladamir recruited a few kids from the crowd to try out to, he got one boy to
run the clapboard for the takes, and recruited first one young lady, whom it turned out didn't
speak much English, so could not follow his direction, so he put her behind the camera to crank
the handle, even though she might not have understood much of what was being said if nothing else
she got a real laugh out of Rosies unique style of delivery of her lines, Vladamir picked another
kid out of the audience, and at the conclusion of the tryouts, all three kids received a miniature
statuette award for their participation, the audio of this will eventually make it onto my podcast
at some point. After that I felt I had accomplished more than I could have hoped to at the studios
so I headed off for Epcot.

Since the arrival of a Friendship boat did not seem imminent when I exited the studios I walked to
Epcot,via the walkway, and taking the BWV tennis court cutoff, and the boat did not come anywhere
near to catching up to me before I got to BWV so I'm sure it was MUCH faster to walk. In Epcot
I caught some performances by the World Showcase players, Voices of Liberty, and Spirit of America
Fife and Drum Corp before it was time for my 3:00 Pm seating at Biergarden, that late lunch ran a
bit long, mostly beacause one musical performance was ending right as we were seated and so I lingered
over desert and coffee for another set, along with most of the other folks at my table, and I got
out of there at just about the right time to walk right into the 5PM seating of the Candlelight
Processional just as it was about to start.

(which made it onto my podcast ALREADY as epsiode 48:

I don't have full show notes up on my site yet but the file is at:

After the CP I left Epcot via the international gateway and had my wife pick me up at he Boardwalk
and drop me off at Fort Wilderness where I took a bus to Pioneer Hall to catch the 9:30 PM Hoop Dee
Doo Revue, I got to talk to Pat Terry Jr. (the banjo player at the HDD ) briefly as I had
corresponded with him after I made a post about him on my blog earlier this year. after the HDD I
rode the bus back to the settlement and called my wife to come pick me up, but unfortunately she
had put her cell phone in her purse and it wasn't loud enough to wake her up, eventually I figured
that out and called the room (after going to the check in area to get the hotel phone number),
well even that didn't work and so after trying it a couple of times (and waiting in between as I
had earlier with the calls to the cell) I finally had the person at the hotel desk send someone
up to knock on the door, that actually woke her up and my phone rang soon after, I think I ended
up back in the room sometime after 1:30 A.M.. EVERYTHING I did this day seemed to go perfectly!
On past trips I have RARELY done table service meals, and buffets, just a few per trip, but this
trip we budgeted for more and this was one of the best dining days of the trip, Biergarden and
HDD were both right up my alley, not only foodwise, but in having a combination of entertainment
with the food it was an incredible day!
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