Girls vs. Boys: 3/8/13-4/20/13
Girls vs. Boys: An art show of epic equality.
On exhibit: March 8 – April 20, 2013

The girls:
Sashiko “wishcandy” Yuen
Mab Graves
Danielle Estefan
Erika Taguchi-Newton

The boys:
Ryan Hungerford
Tripper Dungan
Greg Kletsel
Aurian Redson

The concept of this show is pretty old fashioned and simple… we invited four gals and four blokes to contribute their best work in an art face off! …we all know that human beings of the female and male variety see things differently, its just a fact of life and we are excited to see for ourselves what this group of truly outstanding artists create.
Opening night: Friday, March 8, 2013 • 7-10pm

Craft Beer Tasting by Brown Distributing Company: Boulder Sweaty Betty vs Stone Arrogant Bastard!
Delicious free cupcake samples from Half-Baked Goods!
Wiener vending by Frankie Dogs Gourmet Veggie Dogs!
+Boy vs Girl Arm Wrestling with prizes! …say what?!
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