FREE Textures
Feel free to use these high res texture images for layering and creating digi composites. I would appreciate a credit and link back if you wish. Enjoy!

Once you've created a wonderful textured image, please come and join me at NinianLif's Texture Addicts and post it to the group pool!


Buy more textures!

I've been utterly overwhelmed with the response to these images and since, being me (that is somewhat obsessive compulsive), I've created a gazillion of the things, I'm putting some up for sale on the micro-stock site FeaturePics.

So if you like the freebies and want more, head this way:

All images are US$1 - yep, just $1 per image.


How these textures are created

For those curious as to how they are made, I make them by creating a charcoal drawing/rubbing first on different paper stocks. I photograph or scan these, using the rough edges of the paper as the black frames for the texture. Then I overlay subtle texture photographs from my stock library (my own work) until I have a texture base I'm happy with. Sometimes I add a colour layer as well.

I'm kinda addicted now, and spend a lot of time snapping new textures, creating new frames, making charcoal rubbings and creating digital brushes, actions etc etc etc... so much fun!
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