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When I first discovered Cheri Herouard in 2002, I looked him up online and couldn't find any information on him. I started collecting his images, piecing together his life little by little, and wrote his Wikipedia entry. In 2007 I started uploading my images here on Flickr for others to enjoy...

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These are vintage images from 1907 until 1952.

Chéri Hérouard (Chéri-Louis-Marie-Aimé Haumé) (6/1/1881 - 2/6/1961, France)

Chéri Haumé, best known as Chéri Hérouard, was born in Rocroi. His grandfather was a printer, and his uncle published Le Narrateur. Chéri's father was killed by a hunting accident shortly after his birth, and his mother remarried to a certain Herouard, a direct descendant of Louis XIII's doctor. Chéri Herouard's first printed artwork appeared in Le Journal de la Jeunesse in 1902, soon followed by publications in Mon Journal.

Hérouard stood out for his fairytale characters, and was also a pioneer in the comics format. In the following years, Hérouard also worked for La Semaine de Suzette and Petit Journal de la Jeunesse, before he began a collaboration with La Vie Parisienne in November 1907. For Pierrot, he drew 'Gil Blas de Santillane' (1949), 'Tambour Battant' (1950) and 'Le Capitaine Eclair' (1951). He worked for this magazine until 1952.

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