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dolly mixture | by arrowlili
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dolly mixture

Firstly, thanks Garth, for the fave-bombing :-D


So, the next few shots were all taken during the same shoot and all were edited very differently. I still find it amazing what you can do in Photoshop.


I also wanted to say how proud I am of my daughter. I've been struggling the past year, as many of you know, with my health. it's definitely improved leaps and bounds, which is great, but the multitude of antibiotics and steroids, that the doctors had put me on, have had an adverse reaction on my weight. I've put on a fair bit, a couple of stone (around 30lbs) and have been struggling not only to shed it, but to come to terms with it also. that's why i haven't done any SP's recently, i've just not felt ok in my own body. that seems to be on the turn now, i've gone pretty much paleo and it seems to be working for me, but i've got a ways to go.


anyway, in regards to my daughter... i've been wanting to do BTS shots and perhaps vids for some of my shoots but have been avoiding it. i've been practicing my retouching recently, and on some shots have changed a lot of things. when i asked lili if i could post before and afters, on FB, she didn't even hesitate in agreeing, even though it meant perhaps showing some less than perfect shots of her... she made me proud, and also made me re examine myself.


i've put on some weight, i'm just about to turn 40 and i've nothing to be ashamed of. i'm not comfy at the weight i am now, I'm trying to get it back to a "healthy" bmi but i'm not gonna let that stop me from doing what i want to do, in the meantime. in fact, i might well start a blog on the subject... i think far too many of us suffer from body dysmorphia, to some extent and it's horrid, and life's too damn short!


so Thankyou lili, for being such an inspiration!... oh and sorry for such a long write up and thanks if you read this far, this was rather nerve wrecking.


Strobist info- 430ex @1/2 power through softbox slight camera right shooting down in a silver triflector, triggered by rf 603.


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Taken on November 17, 2013