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Minolta MC Rokkor 58mm f/1.2 mount conversion, part 1/5 | by Arkku
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Minolta MC Rokkor 58mm f/1.2 mount conversion, part 1/5

Guide to converting the lens mount, introduction


Here is the new Minolta AF lens mount attached to the old Minolta MC lens. The lens mount itself is actually a cheap M42 to Minolta AF adapter, which is a cheap way of attaining the Minolta AF mount. You can use an M42 to Canon or a thin glassless M42 to Nikon adapter just as well, depending on the camera system you use. For Pentax K-mount you'd need to find an adapter which has the "lip" outside the lens mount. You cannot easily convert this lens to M42 mount, since the rear element is almost as large as the mount's minimum inner diameter.


This series of photos is a brief guide to how I converted mine; required parts are the original lens and the M42 to Minolta AF adapter. The conversion is reversible if you retain the original parts, but the reversal requires almost as much work as the conversion.


This guide displays the disassembly of the completed modification, but the disassembly is mostly the same for the unmodified lens. Reassembly is simply the same in reverse.


Disassembly: Mount


On an unmodified lens, instead of the black adapter seen here, there will be the original Minolta MC lens mount, attached with eight screws. Four long screws go through the mount spacer, and four short ones hold parts of the mount together. You can just remove the long ones to disassemble the entire mount (to find out which are which, remove any one screw... if it's long, the screws next to it are short, and vice versa). This is safer for things like adjusting infinity focus or cleaning the aperture blades, as a lot of tiny ball-bearings can fall out if you carelessly remove the aperture link ring (right under the original MC mount).


The long screws will be used to attach the new mount. The short ones will be simply removed in order to free the mount spacer ring. After opening all of the screws, carefully lift off the original mount and the aperture link ring. They are the two topmost rings that will come off. Do this so that if you accidentally cause tiny ball-bearings to fly, they will land somewhere where they won't get lost. They aren't needed for the modified lens, but it's nice to have a reversible modification.


See the next picture for more. This series of pictures was taken with a Minolta 50mm f/1.7.

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Taken on August 29, 2007