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enrage them with fear until they feel justified in their violence @SarahPalinUSA by @eddiecolla | by Steve Rhodes
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enrage them with fear until they feel justified in their violence @SarahPalinUSA by @eddiecolla

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KTVU & Wharholian story


From the Warholian story


"Fear mongering, simply intensifies the likelihood of violence. If people are made to feel that they are in eminent danger or threatened, there is a fight or flight response. Based on that principle you are guaranteed a percentage of the responses are going to be violent.” says Colla.


Colla wants to be clear, he does not blame Sarah Palin for the Arizona shootings- what he blames is her vitriolic rhetoric that have become her character trademark.


“Whether or not Palin influenced Jared Lee Loughner, is rather beside the point. Her actions and her language have been consistently hyperbolic, manipulative and irresponsible. Palin gives speeches and the crowd tends to react to the tough-talk and rhetoric, so that’s what she continues doing it… That behavior is typical of people who participate in pageantry, but that’s not leadership. In light of the past weeks events it might be a good opportunity to examine what is effective or appropriate rhetoric and what we as a society deem unacceptable.”


An NBC bay area story was linked from the Drudge Report


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remix of Palim's video


the original video (you can currently download it) eddie made the poster before it was posted


Giffords Arizona shooting vigil in the Castro with video


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Taken on January 13, 2011