Apples and Snakes: Jawdance Audio Poetry Competition May 2011
Here are the nine photographs (taken by Alexander Brattell) as part of the Jawdance Audio Poetry Competition.

Choose one of the nine photographs and write a poem inspired by it. Create an audio recording of the poem lasting no longer than one minute and upload it to the link below:

(Instructions on how to record and upload the audio file are available at

* Email with your name, the name of your poem, and the number of the photograph that the poem is inspired by.

* Five winning entries will be chosen by Apples & Snakes to be played alongside the photograph that has inspired the poem at Jawdance 18 May, either as a live performance, or, if the writer is unable to attend, as an audio recording. Apples & Snakes will also make a short film with the winning entries and photographs, to be broadcast on their website, Facebook and YouTube channels.

* DEADLINE: Monday 9 May 5pm

* Terms and Conditions: The poem can only be about one photograph. You can submit up to 3 poems. All entries must be primarily in English (the inclusion of a few non-English words or phrases is acceptable). Apples & Snakes will include winning entries on their website, Facebook and YouTube. Any other poems will only occur with the writer's consent. Other entries will not be used.

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