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How to make Totoro cream puffs | by AnnaTheRed
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How to make Totoro cream puffs

4. Keep checking the texture as you add a TBS of beaten egg at a time.

When the dough is thin enough that when you scoop the dough up, a lump falls after 3~5 seconds, making a triangle shape from the spatula, the dough is ready!


You don't have to use all of the egg if the dough is ready before you use up the egg. If the dough is still hard after using all of the egg, beat another egg and keep adding a TS of beaten egg until the dough is ready. I repeat, one TS of it at a time and stop adding egg when the dough is thin enough. Many cream puff recipes may not mention adding the egg little by little, but each egg is different in size and just a little too much egg can ruin it. I've tried this recipe several times already, and I used just two eggs every time and no extra egg, but I'd always add egg little by little.


Tips: If the dough is too hard, cream puff skin will be hard, and if the dough is too soft, it doesn't get puffy.

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Taken on April 5, 2009