British Kaffraria
British Kaffraria was a former colony / subordinate administrative entity in present-day South Africa, consisting of the districts now known as King William's Town and East London.

The term Kaffraria stems from the Arabic word qafir (adopted in Swahili) for infidel. So at first it meant Non-Muslim, and in Ottoman times specifically Christian, and was converted by British missionaries to Bantu heathen, i.e. non-Christian. This later extended to all Black South Africans, under Apartheid with an insulting connotation. Kaffraria once denoted a wider region comprising British Kaffraria.

Today Kaffraria is a politically incorrect term, but it was to British Kaffraria that my progenitors immigrated in 1858, and that's why I'm using it. In this historical context, I trust that I am not offending anyone.
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