The Cameo Cinema
The Cameo cinema, in Edinburgh, opened in 1914 (as the King's cinema).

The foyer in the pictures leads to the main cinema, which fills the interior courtyard of a tenement block. Lots of cinemas used to be built this way, but the Cameo is the only one still operating in Scotland. The architectural details of the main auditorium are the same as they were in 1914, which basically means that there are still decorative columns with cornices in the form of plaster statues of naked men.

The King's cinema became the Cameo in 1949, when Jim Poole, who had been an army entertainments officer in world war 2, took it over, creating the first cinema in the city to show foreign-language and art films.

The notes on some of the pictures contain (mostly idiotic) comments from the Internet Movie Database's message boards.
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