Close Guantánamo: Protestors outside the Supreme Court on the 11th Anniversary of the Opening of the Prison
These photos are from the protest in Washington D.C. on January 11, 2013 to mark the 11th anniversary of the opening of the "war on terror" prison at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba, an annual event that becomes more shameful for the United States with every passing year.

Four years after President Obama came to office promising to close Guantánamo within a year, the blunt and unforgivable truth is that the prison is still open, and that all three branches of the US government -- the administration, Congress and the courts -- have failed the 166 men still held, and particularly the 86 men who were cleared for release by the interagency Guantánamo Review Task Force, established by President Obama in 2009, which spent a year reviewing the prisoners' cases before reaching its sober and considered conclusions. In addition, some of these men were actually cleared by military review boards under the Bush administration, some as long ago as 2004.

At the protest, attended by hundreds of opponents of the continued existence of Guantánamo, including my own pressure group, "Close Guantánamo," the indignation was palpable, and the call for President Obama to end his inertia and find a solution was particularly pointed, given that it is the start of his second term, and his legacy is now being written.

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