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Leo the Camera-hearted | by andyi
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Leo the Camera-hearted

Unedited and unenhanced photo, shot with the iPhone 3G S.


Recording MacBreak Weekly live at the TWiT studios.


Ah, the obligations of being under Double-Secret Probation NDA. I could use the iPhone 3G S in public, so long as nobody figured out what it was. Which wouldn't be a big deal; the 3G and the 3G S are absolutely identical. If you got a very close look at the back, you might notice that it says "32G" instead of "16G" but otherwise, no worries.


Well, except for one thing: the 3G S looked like it had been unboxed just 24 hours earlier. My own 3G looks as though it's been rattling around in my pockets for nearly a year. It has a big spidery crack in the corner, too. If I used it in front of Leo Laporte and Alex Lindsay, they'd have blown my cover in about three seconds...and possibly in front of a live Internet audience!


So I employed a little sleight of hand. Minutes after Apple gave me the 3G S, I was in the Apple Store buying a Speck skin for it. I installed my 3G inside it and when I got to the studio, I laid it on the table along with the rest of my gear.


"Ouch," Alex said, noting the cracks.


"Yeah, I know," I said, popping it out of the skin and offering it for closer inspection. "For the record, that only happened, like, the sixth or seventh time I dropped it."


Alex offered his sympathies and then handed it back. I dropped the 3G and the skin in my jacket pocket as I continued to set up. Then I dipped my hand back in...and pulled out the skin and the 3G S, which I'd snapped together with a squeeze. I'd successfully established that there was nothing NDA-ey about "my" iPhone and I got away with it fine.


(And no, Alex didn't have a chance to get another close look at that screen again!)

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Taken on June 9, 2009