The Wave - Aug 2010
Only 20 hikers can go to The Wave daily. 10 are via lottery four months in advance and 10 via walk-in lottery. 60% of the hikers to the Wave are Europeans considering it became well known only in 1996. On the day of our hike, there were 15 total. My family and one other guy were the 6 Americans. The other 9 were 6 Germans and 3 Japanese. The Japanese group got their permit on their 4th walk-in lottery attempt. If you lose a walk-in lottery, you can come back the next day and increase your chances because you will have another number for the lottery.

If getting the permit is hard, the hike is harder. It is 6 miles out and back rolling sandy hills and slippery granite rocks, 4 miles of which has no trail but you will either use maps/compass, GPS, or look for landmarks recommended by the ranger’s. Some hikers do get lost and never reach the Wave. More hikers get lost coming back because the landscape looks confusing. Thankfully a ranger spotted us going not necessarily the wrong way but the long and harder route. Hiking the Wave without a permit would cost $5,000 in fine or 6 months in prison. It took us 2 hours and 15 minutes to hike in and 1 hr and 45 minutes to hike out. The temps was in the 70s at the start and low 90s by the time we head back.

The Wave didn’t disappoint. Most Europeans who make it consider The Wave as the MOST beautiful place on earth.
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