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2008-07-05 - Ekte Pirat 2008, Day 8 - Irish Sea | by Alexandru Stanoi
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2008-07-05 - Ekte Pirat 2008, Day 8 - Irish Sea

I woke up at midnight for my shift. It was not totally dark as I thought. I stayed in front of the ship for one hour to look if any ships are coming, but it was very hard to see anything.


I was sick when I began my fire watch. The ship was moving more now as we entered the open sea. All the lamb chop went down out of my stomach. There were other people sick on the ship (later I found out half the crew was sick).


I stayed on the steering wheel for one hour, but I was sick during that also. Then ship-watching for another hour until 04:00, when I went to sleep.


I woke up at 08:00 for my next shift. The ship was moving up and down, and the front sail was up. From time to time I was receiving a splash of sea water.


After the first hour I felt sick and went to bed. Per came in my cabin and told me I should not leave the deck without telling him, otherwise they might think I felt overboard. I asked for permission to rest and I was sleeping from now on, waking up from time to time to puke (although my stomach was empty and nothing else could come out).


During my waking hours I saw Alex gathering water from the kitchen with a ladle.


Around 18:00 Katinka woke me up and told me we reached land. The weather was so bad that the captain decided to turn to Bangor Bay instead, near Belfast. It was good to have stable ground again.


We went a bit into Bangor Bay, then returned to the ship to pack our bags. The plan was to take a train early in the morning to Dublin. The ship will continue to Brest from Monday on if the weather will permit.


During dinner the captain praised the crew for keeping cool during the open sea travel, and for not arguing that we missed parts of our trip because of the engine.


I went to sleep early while the others went to a pub in the town.


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Taken on July 5, 2008