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318/1a #9916-38 C.COIL CALD Roma left Victory biga Denarius | by Ahala
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318/1a #9916-38 C.COIL CALD Roma left Victory biga Denarius

Denarius. 104BC. 3.81grams. Rome mint. Coelia. Crawford 318/01 C.COIL CALD. Obverse: hd Roma l. Reverse: Vict + biga l, C.COIL CALD. Common.


COELIA. Obv — Absque epigraphe. The profile of Roma-Nicephora wearing the winged helmet, and regarding the left. A coin of somewhat common occurrence.


Rev — A winged victory driving a biga rapidly to the left, under the fore-legs of the horses of which appears COIL(ius)j and in the exergum CALD(us). In the upper part of the field is a letter, and a pellet or dot, merely the moneyer's alphabetical letters, referring probably to the several mintages. According to Eckhel — and his is a safe prop to rely upon — Coil is an archaism for Coel : Cael was also used for this gens, most of whose cognomens were merely surnames, and chiefly of freed men.

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Taken on November 29, 2012