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Thursday, June 25th 2009 | by aarontait
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Thursday, June 25th 2009

Had a relatively normal day. Went to work. Wrote marginally funny things on The Twitter. Wrote code that hypothetically runs on an iPhone. Got home. Tried to do some planning so I could figure out what I'm going to do with my life. Realized how complex anything I want to make is and decided to go for a stroll in Stern Grove.


Random thoughts:

Why are dating websites the only online services who's end goal is to create real world connections? I'd like to meet interesting people just to hang out or grab a drink with. Why is it so difficult and/or awkward to do that?


Breaking a gigantic idea into smaller parts is a pain in the ass and the only way to do a startup (realistically) is to create something limited in scope, but meaningful.


I'm always tired, all the time. I wish I had energy like how everyone else my age does.


How does one move into certain social circles? For example, I just realized I live within walking distance of an internet personality I really respect and who's work I think is really cool. I'd like to meet/know him better. The problem is, I can't do this without being a total creep.

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