tulsa atmo -
i haven't done this in a while - the document a build thing - that is. my shooting skills are a bit rusty and the macro on the G10 pales in comparison to that 10 year old sony mavica, but it is what it is atmo.

the first 70 images were loaded today, the 8th of july, and represent about 1/2 day's labor. the sequence is this:

1) design the frame
2) set the fixture to mimic it
3) cut pipes to fit the fixture
4) add braze-ons
5) ensure all interference fits are beyond reproach
6) assemble all parts and flux
7) tack small areas on head parts
8) transfer unit to alignment table
9) square up all centerlines
10) tack seat lug

then, when i am content with the design as well as the frame's alignment in the tacked stage, i braze the head lugs, and then the seat lug.

after machining the steering axis, i check the frame's alignment again and ensure it by then tacking the bb shell while the triangle is still locked on the table. after cooling, i check it one last time, and then ready it for brazing.

all flux is removed from the main triangle, the lugs are filed and sanded, the seat tube is slotted, and the unit is readied for the rear assembly.

as of today (the 8th), only some of the images are loaded. i'll add more as the work unfolds atmo.


well it's now the evening of the 9th and another batch of images have been added atmo. the main triangle is done/complete. i have to take the weekend off and also leave for a road trip on monday. with hope, i will resume work on this frame next friday.

the next step is to fixture (refixture) around the triangle and then cut tubes to fit with it in order to make the right and left sides of the rear of the bicycle. see you then atmo.


ok it's the 12th and i stayed back a day from a planned road trip (we'll start tomorrow). i got in about a half day at the bench and most of that was devoted to the most recently loaded pics showing work on the rear triangle. i gave about 3 hours to selecting chainstays, seatstays, and dropouts, setting up the fixture to receive them, and started the process of fitting the parts to each other. most of the labor was involved in shaping the interface between the chainstays and dropouts. as with all the pics in this gallery, all images from today are loaded in sequence. if you have any questions, please grab the pic and ask away atmo. i'll be back at the bench by the weekend.


it's july 18th and...
okay here is the deal atmo - i loaded another 50 or so images this evening.
they begin with number 4655.
here is a recap -
the front of the frame is done, and the chainstays were done but not ready to mate.
today, i cut them to length and fitted them to the fixture.
the fixture is set to 8cm drop and about 42.8cm stay length.
today's task was to cut, braze, and fit some seatstays to connect the seat lug with the chainstays.
the pics i added show roughly 2-3 hours worth of labor.
i got the unit to the point at which all rear stays are pinned up to the main triangle.
from this point forward, the seatstays will be brazed to the chainstays and then filed up.
then the left/right stay pairs will be repinned to the seat lug and the bb shell and brazed up etcetera.

more in a few days atmo.
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