Colombo to London Overland 1969
In 1967, Bruce Thomas and Stuart Harper first met each other while working in geological mapping parties in outback Australia. We both separately had plans to drive overland from India to the United Kingdom, so we decided to join forces. Stuart had already purchased a vehicle for the journey, a 1961 model Fiat 600 Multipla which had cost just $175 (perhaps $2000 today). It was then extensively overhauled.

Ships travelling to India from Australia were rare in 1969 as the Six Day War in the Middle East had led to the closure of the Suez Canal in 1967. By booking 12 months in advance, we secured berths on the P&O cruise liner 'Oriana' which was sailing from Sydney to Colombo via Hong Kong and Singapore. We departed on 12 February 1969.

The photographs were taken with a Nikon F Photomic and a Nikkormat FTn on Kodachrome II (25 ISO) or High Speed Ektachrome (160 ISO) film. Lenses used were 28mm, 50mm and 135mm Nikkors.

Some 1800 photos (50 rolls) were taken on the journey, of which 274 are presented here.
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