2008 Trip
On June 22, 2008, Karalyn bid farewell to her friends Pat & Frank, their Golden Retriever Rebel, and all the assorted birds at The Beak (www.thebeak.net) and headed to Los Angeles to pick up traveling partners Rach and & Teen-In-Towt; Lee Ann (Rach's daughter) for the trip East to pickup Karalyn's 1978 Holiday Rambler Travel Trailer. They spent a few days in Surprise, AZ, with friends Tom and Julie where they picked up Karalyn's 2 Giant Schnauzers (Zelda and Fiona) and her 2 small parrots (Tango and Bleu). As they progressed across the country they stopped to visit friends, did some sightseeing, and ultimately picked up the TT in Atlanta, MI. They returned to Springfield, MO, where RV-experenced friends Ken and Jan waited to help them get the coach organized. Rach made an unplanned trip to the emergency room and the 2 ended up spending the summer with Karalyn in Springfield, MO. After much sight-seeing and fishing, they returned to SoCal the end of August and Karalyn and her Kritters have been dealing with the challenges of full-time life in an RV since that time.
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